Lost or Found

--- Dr. Michelle Choi ---

My name is Dr. Michelle Choi, and I'm an Internal Medicine doctor in Santa Cruz, CA. I left my medical career in September, 2020, to become a podcaster. I practiced medicine in the inpatient and outpatient settings for over 10 years, before making the major life decision to leave my traditional career as a doctor. I do not believe that we're doing enough to get to the underlying causes of what is causing illness. And the way in which healthcare is structured in our nation, if doctors simply don't have the time to talk with our patients, or if it's much easier to get insurance coverage for a pill for depression rather than counseling, whom are we really helping? Why not do more than just putting a band-aid on the issue? After years of frustration, I decided to leave the career I'd worked my whole life for, in search of what may contribute to our feeling whole. I believe that we all have the capacity to be who we really are, not just a whiff of who we are. And perhaps by being honest with ourselves, can we unlock the key to our own healing, and find our path to a meaningful life. Join me on the Lost or Found podcast, as we contemplate the components of true health. Be your true advocate! Dare to be inspired!!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 49: Gut Health with Dr. Jyothi Rao, MD

    On today’s episode, we have Dr. Jyothi Rao, MD on the show to speak about Gut Health!  Learning about the gut is extremely important.  Our gut has tons of bacteria in it, and these gut bugs are responsible for much of our immune system defense as well as hormone and ...


  2. Episode 52: For Realz with Dr. Michelle

    On today’s episode, Oriana Gliessman asks ME questions!  It definitely feels different not being the one to ask the questions, but the one answering them.  Awkward, informative, fun, or funny?!?  Always, all of the above!  We talk about the path, the process, what led to it, and well, what now?  ...


  3. Episode 51: Angels in My Hair with Lorna Bryne

    Lorna Bryne, an international bestselling author, is here to talk about Angels!  It’s amazing to think how the imagery of angels is recognized by virtually everyone, yet in our society, many of us do not believe that they actually exist. Born in Ireland, Lorna is the author of seven best-selling books, ...


  4. Episode 50: Astrology with Jenifer Edwards

    “It’s a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them”, -Martinie. Today we’re talking about Astrology with Jenifer Edwards!  She is a gifted Maine-based Intuitive Astrologer who believes that her divine mission is to assist others in discovering their Soul’s Purpose through their unique astrological fingerprint, their ...


  5. Episode 48: Gratitude and Well-being with Nisha Sidhu

    On today’s episode- we talk about Gratitude!  There are scientifically validated benefits of gratitude, and it’s so much more than saying “thank you”.  Gratitude affects us mentally and physically.  There are numerous studies that suggest that showing gratitude can increase one’s happiness, decrease inflammation in one’s body, reduce stress, increase optimism ...