Episode 77: The Well-being of Our Children with Dr. Garry Crummer, MD

Episode 77 September 22, 2022 01:02:05
Episode 77: The Well-being of Our Children with Dr. Garry Crummer, MD
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Episode 77: The Well-being of Our Children with Dr. Garry Crummer, MD

Sep 22 2022 | 01:02:05


Show Notes

Children today are faced with an increasingly complex world.  What does a child need to thrive?

Most people know that children need shelter, food, and love to be happy and healthy, but there's more to consider.  Overall child well-being can be affected by the child's own personality and those around them like their family and community.  While providing a uniform definition of child well-being is difficult, it's generally understood that a child's well-being is a measure of the quality of their life, including how well they are and how well their life is going.  This broad definition can easily encompass the different ways of assessing child well-being, such as health, education, family or social life, or safety and security concerns.  

A child's well-being is important, as it allows us to understand how children are coping in their world.  It is with their well-being that we begin to learn about resilience.

Join us in today's conversation as we talk about our children!  Their well-being matters, because it's the building of a better foundation for the stronger sense of self.  And what can't you do, if you have all of you?  Dr. Garry Crummer, MD, is a board certified doctor in Pediatrics and Integrative and Holistic Medicine, in Santa Cruz, CA.  

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