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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7: Exercise - Maybe It's Legit!

    While we know that regular exercise improves our physical fitness, it's also beneficial to maintaining our cognitive and brain health.  Joey Wolfe, owner of Paradigm Sport in Santa Cruz, CA, and I talk about his own path and how movement can contribute to the mind and body connection.  Check ...


  2. Episode 6: Messages from Spirit

    Spirit medium Jennifer Lyn and I discuss some of the most powerful messages she has received in her readings.  Her unique abilities allow her to commune with the spirit world, and her work is thought-provoking.   Is there a higher purpose for our existence?  Could there be existence beyond ...


  3. Episode 5: One's Path of Healing

    Depression affects people of all ages, all races, and all socioeconomic ranges.  But it can be a path for discovering one's higher purpose and reason for existing.  Dr. Berry Amstrong and I reflect upon his own spiritual journey. ...


  4. Episode 4: Covid!

    Infectious Disease specialist Dr. April Ferguson and I talk about Covid-19.  We discuss her experiences with Covid in the hospital, from the beginning of the pandemic up to this point. ...


  5. Episode 3: Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences

    Childhood trauma is known to lead to adult onset of chronic diseases, depression and other mental illness, violence and being a victim of violence, as well as other social problems.  Coach Robert Foster and I discuss his own path and his work with youth sports. ...