Episode 28: Near-Death Experiences with Kimberly Clark Sharp

Episode 28 June 24, 2021 01:14:21
Episode 28:  Near-Death Experiences with Kimberly Clark Sharp
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Episode 28: Near-Death Experiences with Kimberly Clark Sharp

Show Notes

This week, we have Kimberly Clark Sharp on the show, to talk about near-death experiences.  Near-death experiences occur when one is briefly dead or almost to the point of dying, and these experiences are often life changing. And having these experiences can dramatically transform people’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors. It brings up the possibility that some part of us may survive bodily death and also makes us wonder about the true nature of death. Ms. Sharp is the author of After the Light: The Spiritual Path to Purpose, and is the founder of Seattle International Association of Near-Death Studies. She was featured in the inaugural episode of the Netflix series Surviving Death. You can find her at www.seattleiands.org.

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