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  1. Episode 17: The Cautionary Tale of Ghosts with Jennifer Lyn

    What if there’s an afterlife, and life is not just as we believe it to be?  What if, at our death, going to the light as a spirit, is a choice?  As Jennifer Lyn discusses in this interview, there are earthbound spirits who were once human. Some remain angry. ...


  2. Episode 16: The Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

    Rabbi Eli Cohen and I speak about the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism.  Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought in Jewish mysticism, to explain the relationship between the unchanging and eternal God.  We talk about how God moves in mysterious ways, how the essence of God could have always been ...


  3. Episode 15: In VaginaLand with Dr. Heidi Olander

    I speak with Dr. Heidi Olander, MD, who is an Ob-gyn physician at Kaiser Permanente San Jose and Santa Cruz about Vaginas, Vulvas, Women’s Libido, Menopause, and other Women’s Health issues.  Often times misunderstood, perhaps uncomfortable as well, Dr. Olander and I talk about the state of the vagina, our ...


  4. Episode 14: Narcissistic Personality Disorder with Josie Teresi

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a mental condition in which people are self-centered, have an inflated opinion of their own selves, have a deep need for admiration and attention, and lack empathy for others.  They are in love with a self image.  But when a self image is not ...


  5. Episode 13: End of Life Experiences with Dr. Christopher Kerr

    I speak with Dr. Christopher Kerr, MD, PhD, who is a hospice physician and end of life researcher, about end of life experiences.  He wrote “Death Is But a Dream,” which is based on Dr. Kerr’s extensive research with hospice patients and their families - which highlights and ...